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Terms and Conditions

*A sweatshirt, sweater, or lite jacket Is recommended. Blankets and pillows are provided for your added comfort.


*If you cancel your reservation within 7 full days of your scheduled departure time there is a $95 Cancellation Fee.  


*If you cancel 0-72 hours before your scheduled cruise you agree to Forfeit your Ride and at that point there is No Refunds or Exchanges. 


*If you are late for your scheduled departure time, any actual time that you are late will go directly against your time on the water up to being 20 minutes late.  If you exceed 20 minutes past your schedule departure time your cruise time slot is automatically subject to cancellation without refund, exchanges, or credits.


*If there is a balance due for your cruise, that balance needs to be paid in full within 72 hours of your scheduled cruise.   

Your reservation will be subject to cancellation without refund or credit if remaining balance has not been paid within the required time frame.


*Parties of (2) guests or more will have an automatic 18% gratuity added to their invoice, and is based upon the retail amount less California State and City taxes.   This charge along with any other balance is required to be paid in full prior to boarding.  


*I ask that you do not bring your own food onboard, as we encourage you to Purchased our onboard lunch or dinner program.


*Hard alcohol, ❌ and all forms of smoking 🚭 is strictly prohibited at all times from the vessel.  

HOWEVER- vaping (IS) allowed, so fill your Vape pens with your favorite substances & bring them onboard.   


*This is a private yacht, however any Group Harbor Cruise can have up to 12 passengers at one time. If there's only 2 in your party, there is a possibility of up to 10 additional passengers boarding on the same (GROUP) cruise.  

-Note -📝 When GROUP Cruises do not have enough seats sold, there is a possibility that your (2) seats may be rescheduled for the following Group Cruise.    In this case, refunds are not permitted, only rescheduling.


*WEATHER - In the unlikely event of harsh or unsafe weather conditions, your cruise is subject to change times, or departure dates without notice.   These types of weather  conditions cancellations will ONLY allow for rescheduling.


*Remember to hold onto all loose articles, including cell phones and cameras, as Boat and Bottle is not held responsible for any of those items mentioned, on top of lost or stolen Property or items that may end up on the bottom of the ocean.  


*Your safety is my number one priority and concern. After that, It’s my mission to pamper you and your guests like you’ve never been pampered before. I do my very best to go above and beyond your expectations, to make this one of the most memorable experiences on the water you’ll ever have. 


*All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


*All passengers must Understand, Accept and Agree to 100% Full Responsibility & Liability for themselves and their personal belongings to come onboard and experience BOAT AND BOTTLE.   


*PLEASE NOTE - If you or any person or person’s of your party do not agree to, or understand the terms, conditions and release of liability please STOP now, and exit without acceptance.  Thank You - 


*ATTENTION- In an unlikely event of an Emergency 🚨 that results in injury or death “you” and everyone listed in “your” group agree to waive and release 100% of ALL Responsibility and Liability along with ALL rights to Pursue Legal and Civil Action against Boat and Bottle S.J.C. STAR inc / Mr. Sebastian J Claeys, and ALL associates affiliated with Boat and Bottle SJC Star Inc.   




If you and every person in your group FULLY understand and willing Accept ALL of the terms, conditions, self liability and fully understand & accept the pricing for any additional items please


 (((text back)))) ⬇️



*Your Legal Name (as it appears on your identification)

*FULL Legal Names of each person in your group coming aboard that fully agree as well.  


“I / We” understand & agree to Boat and Bottles terms, conditions, pricing, and self liability” 




*Passengers-  it's very important that we allow plenty of time for traffic.  I am running a very tight schedule, and each time slot has exactly there allotted minutes. 


I'm looking forward to a fun and rememberable experience with each and everyone of our passengers, their significant others, and guests!!  



Boat and Bottle S.J.C.STAR inc is fully insured with a $1,000,000 commercial insurance policy & is 100% Licensed by the state of California.  

Business license is by the city of Los Angeles.  

Captain Sebastian J. Claeys is a 25 Ton licensed Master Captain through the United States 🇺🇸 Coast Guard & HomeLand Security. 


Your #1 Captain 👨‍✈️ 

Captain Claeys (Sebastian)





Mary Jane 

Billy Jane

Bob Smith 

Kesha Smith 


“I / We” understand & agree to Boat and Bottles terms,conditions, pricing, and self liability

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