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Discover Catalina Island




Guided by our very own Captain Claeys and his First Mate, your private charter will last a luxurious 3 days and 2 nights aboard WET DREAMS💦.    Amenities include two staterooms, bathroom, galley, marine BBQ, lounge area, and more.  The cabin is heated and completely private for you and your guests, plus you will receive turn down bed service each night.

One Day Cruise

1 DAY CRUISE with 6 Passengers- 

MAX is 6 Passengers (no exceptions)

$195. Per Person  Mon-Thurs 8am-4pm

$295. Per Person on Fri-Sat-Sun. 

includes the UPGRADE to Wet Dreams💦

 (restrictions apply)

Also Includes continental Breakfast, Captains 4 bottles of wine, dolphin & sea lion watching, and afternoon appetizer! 


Three Days, Two Nights

Catalina Island just got better with Boat and Bottle's Brand New Island Adventure 3 day, 2 night Luxury Cruise. The pampering begins the moment you and up to 3 additional guests set foot on your personal and private chartered yacht. Upon arrival, you will begin with a smile because you and your guests are given a complementary six pack of your Captains favorite wine. The ride to Catalina Island is just over 26 miles, once we arrive we are assigned a mooring slip (or what I would like to call home for 3 days). By this time your tummies will be hungry, and it's a good thing because your menu is pre-planned and determined by you and your guests. Two of the three meals each day are not only included in the price but prepared and cooked for you as well right on the back of the yacht.  Wet Dreams sleeps 4 guests in the main cabin very comfortably.  Keep in mind, your privacy isn’t something you have to give up. You have a small full bathroom, kitchen, and 2 shipmates get their own private mini suite. Turn down bed service and fresh white fluffy linens and blankets will make you feel like royalty.   The fun and enjoyment doesn't stop there, because your amazing Captain is going to include on your second day an additional (2 hour) cave excursion 1 mile north of Avalon. 

 At this point you may want to edit your bucket list and put Catalina in your top 5 things to do this Season.

Cost Includes:

Breakfast and Dinner Service 

3 entrée choices along with vegetarian and vegan options.​

Breakfast Service - We're going to start our day with a delicious variety of chef inspired style meals. From French toast and pancakes to sizzling skillets.​

Dinner Service - As the sun goes down evening dinner service starts at approximately 7pm (exact time can vary)  Includes lemon butter white fish, honey suckle BBQ chicken or succulent ribeye steaks whipped up with a captain's touch.

  • Fuel - Included with your cruise

  • Souvenirs and water cabs Not included.

  • Complimentary Captain's Choice 6 pack of wine or ask about our upgrades.


  • 1st day 6am - disembark to the island

  • 2nd day - day at sea,  along the Islands coastline

  • 3rd day we arrive back to the Mainland around 12 noon,  usually no later than 2pm.


Limited time offer Only Mon-Fri

$999 per person

3 Days - 2 Nights 

((BEST VALUE $399 Per Person-Per Day))

 (*restrictions & port fees apply)

($100 down payment and balance is to be paid within 2 weeks of your cruise)

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